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Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching company Wisconsin

Problem areas such as low spots, alligatored areas, potholes, water flow problems, humps, and other problem areas can be fixed in different ways:

Remove and Replace

This is the traditional way of repairing asphalt when sub-base failure is the problem. This method requires saw cutting the failed area, removing the old asphalt and replacing with new asphalt. This method is performed so the contractor can check the sub base beneath the asphalt to determine the cause of the asphalt failure. This is the most time consuming and expensive way to patch asphalt as it requires additional labor, equipment, and materials.

Mill and Replace

This method is similar to the remove and replace method, except not all of the existing asphalt has to be removed. The section to be patched is milled to a depth of 1” to 2”, the old material is removed, a tack coat is applied to the asphalt for adhesion between the layers, then new asphalt is installed bringing the failed area up to grade.


This method involves installing asphalt above the existing asphalt grade. Generally, this type of repair is the least expensive and provides a temporary fix for the problem. This method is commonly used when the asphalt sinks next to garage doors or any other concrete slab to bring the asphalt back up to the grade. This is when wedges are installed.

Keep in mind that preventative maintenance is the best option for long-term protection. Routine sealcoating and crack filling will extend the life and appearance of your asphalt, save you money over time, and delay the need for asphalt patching or replacement.

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