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Asphalt Removal Services

Asphalt removal and replacement services in Wisconsin

Asphalt surfaces require ongoing preventative maintenance to maintain structural integrity and prevent cracks from spreading to hazardous widths and depths. If you have a neglected surface in dire need of repair, it might be in your best interest to remove and replace your asphalt pavement.

In severe cases, the most effective form of repair is to completely remove and replace deteriorated areas. Consult with an associate at J.R. Boehlke, Inc. to see whether our asphalt removal or asphalt repair services are best for your situation.

Asphalt Replacement Services

Areas will be saw cut, milled or stripped and the existing deteriorated asphalt will be removed to the approximate specified depth. Existing stone base will be removed and replaced, then compacted.  A tack coat will be applied to the perimeter of patches to ensure proper bonding.

Hot asphalt will be installed and compacted with a dual drum vibratory roller and/or vibratory plate compactor. Once level, your new asphalt will need time to dry and cool before use.

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