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Concrete Removal & Replacement Services

Concrete removal service in Wisconsin

Affordable Concrete Excavation for Wisconsin Homeowners and Businesses

Concrete is a remarkable material for a virtually limitless number of applications. It's versatile, cost-effective and durable. Over time, though, all concrete will deteriorate and need to be replaced. Often, underlying problems such as settling of the soil underneath, water ponding, or improper preparation of the concrete at installation will compromise the structural integrity of concrete and shorten its service life.

When concrete cannot be restored by repair services, it needs to be removed and replaced. J.R. Boehlke, Inc. specialists can assess the condition of your concrete and offer recommendations on your best options for the long-term integrity of your concrete surfaces.

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No job too big or small

Whether you're a homeowner looking to have a deteriorating concrete driveway taken out and replaced, or a business needing to have a crumbling truck dock removed and redone, look to J. R. Boehlke, Inc.

Our engineers and tradesmen have the experience and equipment to take on virtually any size concrete removal job—including jobs that require re-grading the site or re-compacting the aggregate base to avoid future problems with standing water or sinking soil. From patios to parking lots, we do it all.

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