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Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control Services

Lawn fertilizer and weed control services in Milwaukee and Mequon WI

J.R. Boehlke, Inc. provides homes and businesses with quality fertilizer applications that promote healthy soil and beautiful vegetation. Our 6-step fertilization process ensures your lawn looks great year round, and encourages healthy growth after the winter freeze.

We offer free estimates, fair pricing and proactive communication throughout the greater Milwaukee area.

6-Step Fertilization & Weed Control Program

  1. Apply a heavy rate of granular fertilizer plus a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer.
  2. Apply a liquid broadleaf weed control.
  3. Apply a heavy rate of granule fertilizer with slow release nitrogen for summer long feeding.
  4. Apply a liquid broadleaf weed control.
  5. Apply a well-balanced, slow release, granule fertilizer for in late summer.
  6. Apply a heavy rate of granule fertilizer to stimulate root growth and food storage for winter. This also helps your lawn green up faster in spring.

With J.R. Boehlke, Inc. your lawn will get exactly what it needs, exactly when it needs it. We also offer mulching and insect control to improve the health and appearance of your yard.

Lawn Improvement & Maintenance 


In addition to a professional fertilization and weed control program, dethatching, aeration, and seeding are effective ways to recover and revitalize your lawn.


What is dethatching, and why should I do it?

Most lawns experience areas where the grass dies just above the soil. This layer of dead grass, or “thatch”, is beneficial in small amounts. However, when thatch builds up too much or too quickly, it prevents adequate water and air from reaching your grass, which can cause widespread brown patches.

If you have the time, energy, and proper tools, you can help alleviate thatch buildup with intentional raking methods.  In small patches of affected grass this is not a large undertaking, but thatch can easily build up to over a half-inch of dead grass throughout an entire yard which is more laborious than some people are up for. With DIY dethatching, you also must be mindful of creating bare spots which will require re-seeding.

We are well equipped for large treatment areas which is ideal for dethatching lawns.  We also offer aeration, with when done regularly prevents excess thatch build-up.


What is aeration?

Soil naturally compacts as time goes on. Aeration is a method of perforating the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to reach grass roots. While aeration also removes mild thatching and will help prevent further buildup, it's not a substitute for thorough dethatching when excess has built up.  In short, aeration helps a lawn become more vigorous and drought resistant by helping roots grow deeper. Lawns should ideally be aerated 1-2 times a year.

Plug aerators permit the lawn to decompress. DIY options for this are available with machine rentals. Unfortunately, single or multiple passes over a lawn's ultra-compact areas can add up to more of a project than you were bargaining for. Let us take that burden off your back.

Think of it as a total care plan.  Dethatching, aeration, fertilization (mowing and watering) done systematically together help your lawn thrive.

When a lawn is beyond recovery through these methods, we also offer re-seeding. Our professionals do both overseeding and slit-seeding.  Overseeding is a viable solution for bare spots. We handle these by bringing in soil, seed, and penn mulch to revitalize the given area.  Slit-seeding is done to an entire yard, inserting seed beneath the surface, with the intent to thicken up the yard.


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